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 - 2012.08.28 : Driver has been newly added
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  - Driver version : 8.0.1517.0
  - Driver date : 2011.03.17
  - Driver size : MB
  - Driver name :
  - Device name : Toshiba Bluetooth
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If you select your Operating System(just once), and then you can download a driver for your Operating System. If there is a service pack for your Operating System, I recommend install the service pack before install your driver.
64bit 10 & Server2016
32bit 10 & Server2016
64bit 8.1 & Server2012R2
32bit 8.1 & Server2012R2
64bit 8 & Server2012
32bit 8 & Server2012
64bit 7 & Server2008R2
32bit 7 & Server2008R2
64bit Vista & Server2008
32bit Vista & Server2008
64bit XP & Server2003/R2
32bit Server2003/R2
32bit XP
Q : Is this free download?
A : Yes, it is.

Q : How can I use a compressed file?
A : Executable file is included int the compressed file(such as exe).

Q : When use an 'Other version'?
A : If there was a problem with your computer, you can use an 'Other version'.

Q : Any progress in install a driver?
A : It does not require but I recommend you to install the driver in order listed above menu(CPU, Motherboard, Multimedia, ETC).

Q : How can I uninstall a driver?
A : You can uninstall a driver in 'Uninstall a program(Control Panel)'. - Except driver of some kind(such as Intel motherboard driver).

Q : Do I have to uninstall a previous driver before install a new driver?
A : I recommend you to uninstall a driver first. - Except driver of some kind(such as Realtek audio driver or NVIDIA video card driver).
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